Congrats to 2013 Miss Ghana USA : Afua Osei


Afua Osei, founder of the Savvy Madam & 2013 Miss Ghana USA

Congratulations to The Savvy Madam’s very own Afua Osei for winning the title of 2013 Miss Ghana USA! The Savvy Madam Staff and I are very proud of you! Continue to do your thing!

The Queen is Crowned! 2013 Miss Ghana USA

The Miss Ghana USA (MGUSA) 2013 Beauty Pageant took place on June 28th at the Alvin Ailey Theater in New York City, bringing to the public a platform of nine highly educated Ghanaian women from across the USA, each of whom represented one region from Ghana.

Competing to win the prestigious title of Miss Ghana USA,  each contestant not only showcased poise, talent, intellect, personality, beauty, but  also exhibited  passion to faithfully serve an adopted community within the US, and in Ghana.

The Miss Ghana USA Beauty Pageant was founded by Ghanaian native Gloria Abena Ofosuah Opare in 2009 to promote young women of Ghanaian heritage and to offer them an avenue to achieve their goals and carry-out social and humanitarian initiatives.

Overall, the pageant was very organized; on the other hand, the judges were faced with the tough challenge of choosing only one winner from the outstanding nine contestants. But by the end of the evening, Afua Osei claimed the title of 2013 Miss Ghana USA. The excitement onstage overlaid as cameras flashed, bouquets were presented and proud friends and family ran to the stage, gathering to congratulate all of the contestants for their efforts throughout the past months as they prepared to take part in the pageant.

In addition to Afua Osei, this year’s contestants were Lisa Aidoo and Rose Afriyie, Mary Andoh,   Adjoa F. Adofo, Diane Yeboah, Nadia Asiedu-Baah, Nana Adowa Adofo, and Pearl Agyare. For more information on this year’s pageant and the contestants, visit:

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You Better Shop Around!

shopLadies, never allow yourself to become trapped in a job.  My experience working two jobs this summer in companies that have employees that are nearly twice, my age doing the same work they have been doing for years, has made me realize I never want to allow myself to be trapped in a position at a company that isn’t what I want. I don’t want to be a businesswoman that wakes up every morning dreading work or counting down the hours, minutes, and seconds until she can finally leave work and go home.

Take Some Risks!

It is important for us as young businesspeople to seek careers. By this I mean positions that enable us to use our skills and do what genuinely intrigues, motivates, and excites us.  We can begin by never limiting ourselves because of fear of failure or instability. Success is something that it achieved through risk and adaption.  Go out on a limb when necessary, if you don’t have the certain experience or area of expertise that you need for your dream position go out and get it. Take a position that allows you to constantly learn, develop, and improve skills.  Never sell your self short. Never settle.

Go Shopping!  And try on hats!

Being new to the business world, this is the opportunity want to try on different hats. I have entered an explanatory phase of my professional life that will help me determine my needs in a position and to find what clicks.  I am curious and my passions are constantly evolving. I am unwilling to sacrifice both my happiness and the things in my life that I believe are important for a job.  Be curious.  Don’t limit yourself!

Photo taken from: Madame Noire

Afreximbank: Putting Africa On The Map

Ekra: “Our Role Is To Ensure That Africa Trades With Itself”

The overspill of the credit crisis in the developed world drove a huge new demand for Afreximbank’s trade finance products, leading it to develop new partnerships with other multilateral institutions, the Bank’s chairman and president says.

THE GLOBAL CREDIT CRISIS THAT began in 2007 created a vacuum in the availability of finance for African counterparties, one that prompted a surge in demand for Afreximbank’s products. This, in turn, drove major changes to how the organisation funded its operations, according to Jean-Louis Ekra, the Bank’s chairman and president.

Very few African financial institutions had direct exposure to the kind of complex financial products that prompted the near collapse of banks in the developed world. However, the crisis rapidly turned into one of liquidity squeeze. Needing to cover positions at home and rebuild capital buffers quickly, banks in Europe and the US stopped lending. African banks who had previously relied on credit lines from their global counterparts found themselves cut off.

This absence of liquidity was reflected in a broader pull back from Africa by international investors and banks, who were looking to retrench and reduce their exposure to riskier assets. This compounded the problems caused by falls in commodity prices, prompted by weaker industrial demand in markets that consume Africa’s natural resources. With money hard to come by, companies started to turn to Afreximbank en masse.

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The Perfect Start in the Digital World: Start Your Own Store Online

lost in lagos

Lost in Lagos by Tope; a 22 year old Nigerian American Big Cartel online store owner

Ever want to start your own business? Have your own store? Or sell a product you know the world will love? If so Big Cartel is the place for you to begin working toward your dream of starting your own business!

Websites like Big Cartel, Etsy, and even Ebay represent a recent phenomena that makes it easier than ever for young aspiring business people to start their own company and receive access to a worldwide audience at significantly lower costs than the price of a local boutique.

It wasn’t until recently that I discovered the trend of buying and selling items through creating your own personal store on the website Big Cartel. Big Cartel allows aspiring company owners access to a fully customizable online store and domain. Each seller or virtual business owner receives an exclusive separate domain to promote the products of their online store without the intrusion of visible competition or advertisements. On this site, the storeowner is fully in charge of providing advertising to promote traffic into their online store. However, Big Cartel does offer a store directory listing all stores using the Big Cartel domain to seek the certain store or business of your choice.  Similarly, Etsy and Ebay provide a place for sellers to display searchable products while providing sellers with a community and page to display products.

How do you start? Sign up! Becoming a seller or storeowner is so simple and easy.  The price to signup for a domain or online boutique at Big Cartel ranges from free for gold users looking to sell a maximum of 5 products to $29.99 monthly for titanium users selling a maximum of 300 products.

With this new digital age owning your own store has never been so easy or profitable! What’s stopping you from being the businesswoman of your dreams? Start your own store now.

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