How to stand out in an interview.

You’ve probably heard 1,001 interview tips. Arrive early, do a thorough research of the company, go with copies of your CV, be bold but not arrogant; most of them are correct and several other job candidates applying for the same job position have read these tips too. So how can you knock recruiters off their feet and ultimately land that job?  Here are three tips to help:

Dress like you want it bad. You may be wondering if it really matters? Yes. A lot. Interviewers like to be impressed. If there will be a 100 candidates seeking the same job, your outfit can make the difference between getting to the next round of interviews or not. Skimpy skirts, loose or hanging tops, cling-clangs, ‘blings’ or extravagant hairdo may not help you make the best first impression. You are not on the runway; anything that doesn’t fit in a typical work environment certainly wouldn’t fit in a job interview. You want to stand out, not raise eyebrows. Find out if the company has a dress code, and try to blend in but be careful not to look lost. The key is to show you want to be a part of the team and not appear too relaxed.

Answer like you are already on the team. The best interviews usually turn out to be rather conversational than formal. I once interviewed a young man who left my jaw hanging because his responses to my questions were mind-blowing, I wasn’t particular about the answers anymore as he made me feel I was having a conversation with a colleague. Of course this can only happen when you’ve done an exhaustive research on the company and gained some insights into the things they are looking out for, the likely challenges they may face and some opportunities they might be missing. Think like your potential employers, be very interactive and watch them welcome you on board.

Send a thank you email. We often hear of thank you letters and snail mails but the world is gradually moving away from these traditional means of communication. Collect interviewers’ business cards before leaving the interview and send a nice, short thank you email to each interviewer, affirming you had a nice time with them. This should be done within 24 hours after the interview so you leave a great impression on your interviews as they review candidates.

What other things can get you to stand out in interviews?

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Want to Excel at work? Start asking these questions.

(Madame Noire) – When there’s a chance to learn from the top professionals in the business, it doesn’t hurt to take a moment to listen and apply their advice to your own career. Forbes reports on the leadership insights gained from the IAB AdLab conference featuring over 100 technology and media professionals. The report states that of all the advice given, perhaps the most inspiring piece came from communication pro Sharon Feder.

In just four short years, Feder worked her way up from Assistant Editor at the social media news blog Mashable, to Publisher and finally to her current role as Chief Operating Officer. Although her advancement was no easy task, the secret behind Feder’s ability to transition so quickly, aside from putting in the hard work, is that she always asked herself these two questions: Can I do more? Can I build this?

While the questions may seem simple, her answer and subsequent action created from the questions had her continually pushing. People were forced to take a chance on her. She even sites an instance where her track record of hard work and push to continue to build on her job led her boss to respond to one of her proposals with a simple, “sure, go for it!” When you continue to strive for excellence, people will have faith in you and your abilities. Of course this won’t always come easy, even Feder admits there was a time when she wasn’t always confident, Forbes reports that she learned that she had nothing to lose by exuding confidence and innovation in the workplace. These days with the speed and connection of information in the world, even the top supervisors can’t stay ahead of every business opportunity. If you take the chance to step up and step in where more work can be done, you will only reap the rewards. So why not have confidence and voice your ideas? What is there to lose?

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