You Better Shop Around!

shopLadies, never allow yourself to become trapped in a job.  My experience working two jobs this summer in companies that have employees that are nearly twice, my age doing the same work they have been doing for years, has made me realize I never want to allow myself to be trapped in a position at a company that isn’t what I want. I don’t want to be a businesswoman that wakes up every morning dreading work or counting down the hours, minutes, and seconds until she can finally leave work and go home.

Take Some Risks!

It is important for us as young businesspeople to seek careers. By this I mean positions that enable us to use our skills and do what genuinely intrigues, motivates, and excites us.  We can begin by never limiting ourselves because of fear of failure or instability. Success is something that it achieved through risk and adaption.  Go out on a limb when necessary, if you don’t have the certain experience or area of expertise that you need for your dream position go out and get it. Take a position that allows you to constantly learn, develop, and improve skills.  Never sell your self short. Never settle.

Go Shopping!  And try on hats!

Being new to the business world, this is the opportunity want to try on different hats. I have entered an explanatory phase of my professional life that will help me determine my needs in a position and to find what clicks.  I am curious and my passions are constantly evolving. I am unwilling to sacrifice both my happiness and the things in my life that I believe are important for a job.  Be curious.  Don’t limit yourself!

Photo taken from: Madame Noire


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